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May 2019
Spring's Tasks...


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Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.”
- Barbara Hemphill -
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If sorting through your closet is one of this Spring’s tasks, here are a few tips to help you accomplish it effectively:

  1. Deal with one season at a time – Just focus on the current season to start with. Trying to sort an entire year’s wardrobe can be too overwhelming and may keep you from getting started.
  2. Have boxes ready labeled “Charity” & “Consignment”, and a place to set aside the items you need to deal with.
  3. Try on everything in your closet and drawers, and with each piece you try, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you would really reach for it the next time you go to get dressed.
  4. Ask yourself, “Does it suit my lifestyle and personality?” “Does it make me feel good?” “Is it comfortable?” “Do I like it?” “Is it out of date?” “Does it fit properly?”
  5. Other than special occasion wear, if you haven’t worn something in the last 12 months, there’s a reason. Does it need something to update it or make it work? A basic wardrobe item that you’ve been missing? Tailoring?
  6. Once you finish, close up the boxes and immediately put them into your car to take to your favourite charity or consignment shop.
  7. Reward yourself with a trip to your favourite store &/or tailor to complete the missing pieces of your wardrobe.

Good Luck!


Draw Winner:

Congratulations to Alexis Hlady for winning a $50 gift card for Concierge Services from TimeSquared for taking part in last month’s “3 Questions in 3 Days” contest. Thanks for your input, Alexis, and we look forward to helping you to find more hours in your days.



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