COVID-19 Protocols for Grocery Delivery

At TimeSquared, our team is committed to providing the best possible Concierge and Errand Service to our clients. In this time of concern over the Coronavirus, more than ever, we are fully aware of the precautions that must be taken to ensure the safety of the food deliveries we provide. We are monitoring the daily updates from Health Canada and government agencies and doing our utmost to adhere to all of the guidelines presented.

We can be extremely grateful for the initiatives taken here in Canada to minimize our risk and are thankful to everyone doing their part. Grocery stores are doing an amazing job of making their stores as safe as possible for customers and are doing things like installing plexiglass barriers between customers and cashiers, marking 2 metre spaces on the floor for line-ups, monitoring customers in the store to ensure safe distances are maintained, setting up handwashing stands inside entry doors, providing disposable gloves and disinfecting shopping carts and baskets between customers. But of course there are still concerns.

According to the latest news from Health Canada, there is so far no evidence that food or food packaging is a likely route for the transmission of the virus. While it is true that food packaging could potentially carry COVID-19 if it has come in contact with an infected person, the most likely form of transmission remains person-to-person contact.

To limit the possibility of any contact with the virus, your TimeSquared Concierge team takes the following precautions while we shop for your groceries:

      1. Disinfect surfaces in vehicles where groceries will be transported
      2. Ensure that fabric grocery bags to be used are new or freshly laundered
      3. Disinfect surfaces in vehicle that driver will be touching
      4. Sanitize hands before entering and immediately after exiting stores
      5. Use disinfectant wipes to clean grocery cart or basket before shopping
      6. Maintain 2 metre distance between shoppers and staff while in store
      7. Do not touch face while shopping
      8. Choose produce in sealed packages as much as possible
      9. As much as possible, take items from behind front display to keep surface contact from other shoppers at a minimum
      10. Bring our own fabric shopping bags and bag own groceries
      11. Use tap transactions for payment wherever possible
      12. Provide contactless delivery to clients – leaving groceries on front step

When groceries arrive at your door, here are some additional precautions that you can take to reduce your risk even further:

      1. Wipe down surfaces of boxes, bottles, plastic packages and cans with either:
        a. Dish soap and water
        b. Diluted bleach solution
        c. 70% alcohol solution
        d. Disinfectant wipes
        (Or empty contents of packages into clean containers and dispose of outer packaging.)
      2. Wash produce in cool running water with veggie brush (cleaning veggie brush regularly)
        (Some doctors recommend scrubbing individual pieces of fruit in warm soapy water for the same 20 second count that we use to wash our hands.)
      3. Disinfect surfaces where grocery bags have been set
      4. Clean fabric grocery bags

We are reminded daily that the ultimate risk of infection is dependent on our interaction and proximity to individuals who may potentially be infected with the Coronavirus and therefore Social Distancing is our top priority.

It is important to minimize touch points with other people so that food is handled by the smallest number of people possible. In addition, limiting the number of people physically going to grocery stores can only help to minimize these contact points. This is why grocery shopping services like TimeSquared are the best option at this unprecedented time.

Please be assured that at TimeSquared, our deepest desire is to keep everyone safe and healthy and that we are doing our part to minimize the risk and “flatten the curve”.

Do take good care and be strengthened knowing that “We are all in this together”.

Janet Wilson
TimeSquared Personal Concierge & Errand Service

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