TimeSquared Testimonials

Here’s what people have said about TimeSquared:

Jennifer said this:

Janet recently helped us through a major downsizing process and completed the move to our new home.  Her exceptional organizational skills, wise counsel and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done gave us the peace of mind we needed to focus on family, work and other priorities that couldn’t wait.  Through her extensive network, she also arranged for a variety of other services, including the sale and donation of items, including antique furniture, as we worked together to achieve our goal of downsizing to a more manageable level.  Janet is someone you can trust to deliver in any situation and we plan to use and recommend her personal concierge services for years to come.

Kevin Bhandal with AIM Building Maintenance said:

For the past thirteen years I have organized an annual golf vacation for my friends. Over the years, as the number of attendees has grown, I have found myself spending more time organizing and working at the trip and less time actually enjoying the vacation. It has been three years since I approached Janet of TimeSquared to help me create time for me to enjoy my vacation.
This year Janet arrived in Calgary and checked into our AirBnB rental before us, stocked the groceries and prepped the day’s snacks and meal prior to our arrival. Like a fairy godmother for the rest of the trip, Janet came in when we were out at the course and replenished any stock we were short of and again prepped the upcoming meals.

The result was that I was able to save hours everyday not having to run to the grocery and liquor store and not having to prep and cook meals. As a group we saved time and money not having to go to restaurants and have them serve a group of 11. We did the quick math and the money we saved by having one steak dinner at home prepped by Janet rather than going to the Keg more than covered the cost of her coming to Calgary.

One thing I truly appreciated was her attention to detail. When we left the house at the end of the trip we had next to no wastage; she was able to buy the exact proportions of food we needed. She timed out the meals so that everything could be ready within 20 to 45 minutes of walking in the door. And for a group of guys, she most importantly left detailed instructions on what needed to be done.

Patti Macdonald with Bishop & McKenzie LLP said this:

Imagine a tired, frazzled, busy, rushed professional woman in heels with a huge purse full of random papers, a to-do list as long as Santa’s Christmas list, a full inbox of unanswered emails, no childcare, no plans for supper, no groceries in the house, a car that needs servicing, a birthday party that needs planning, a garage full of things that need to be sorted- that’s Me. And now the Christmas countdown has started!
Now imagine a stylish, well put-together, calm, careful, attentive, trustworthy professional woman who gets energized to take on a big project by baking cookies – that’s Janet a.k.a. Wonder Woman!

I have used Janet’s services in both my personal and professional lives. I have her to thank for:
• New additions to our roster of simple suppers for a busy family;
• Gift and cards delivered on time;
• Sourcing out big-ticket purchases so I can quickly “shop” the options from my office: and
• The most organized birthday party my son’s karate dojo has ever seen!

Most importantly, I have Janet to thank for giving me the gift of time – time to relax, take a breath, and be present with my family. She has made me look good, and she has made me feel good.
Janet doesn’t just run errands. She actually enriched the lives of people who value their own time.

Tara Hamelin with Bishop & McKenzie LLP said:

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did at the house!  It was such a great stress-reliever to come home to a clean and organized house after the weekend.  The whole house looked great.  I really appreciate the help and I have been telling everyone about your services.

Longtime Clients shared the following:
We are two very busy professionals who have limited time to address all of life's daily to-dos.  
The breadth of services that Janet provides is what led us to hire her and she truly is as-advertised. She can handle anything we need from basic errands to meal prep to household repairs. She also finds complementary service providers who have the right expertise, whether that be a gardener or an electrician.  
She is certainly our well-known secret to keeping everything together whether it be the home, personal care or commitments to friends and family. She can shop appropriately for a friend's birthday or cook a meal for a potluck dinner (making us look good in both scenarios!).  She always takes care of things in a professional and collected manner. The extra assistance that she provides helps make our busy lives that much more manageable.


TimeSquared Clients since 2016

An anonymous client said:

“I recently broke my leg, and am housebound.  My husband needed to leave town on business for 5 days, and I would need some help.  I contacted Janet, who promptly took care of everything.  She had meals prepared and delivered, helped me get to my specialist appointments, ran some of my errands for me, did my grocery shopping, and made my life a dream!  I'm not sure what I would have done without her!  I would recommend her unconditionally to anyone.”

Stephen Steckly with BaseCamp4 Inc. said:

“Janet Wilson makes my life work.
She is an organizational ninja with the attributes of Super Woman. She makes my clients love me with gifts that are far better than I would have been able to provide by myself. She frequently takes my problems and turns them into elegant solutions.
She has also earned my trust with service above and beyond. When Ellen, my true love, inadvertently opened the trunk of her car with a cell phone app while we were in Palm Springs and her car was in Edmonton, Janet rushed to the rescue and saved us from coming home to a car with a dead battery.

Janet also took excellent care of our home while we were away.
I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have more time, look good, impress others, and save their sweetheart from excessive stress.

An anonymous client said:

Thanks, Janet for taking over my packing and organizing when I couldn't! You are amazing! How was I supposed to know that my back would give out at this crucial time? you stepped in for 3 days, coming to my rescue all the way from Edmonton to Victoria. I was beyond impressed with your organisation and packing skills. Seriously, you packed my 3,000 square foot house in 3 days! the personal items that I needed to handle myself (and couldn't) were organized and packed for me in such a way that I would easily locate them again. My friends are amazed by what you've done for me! I can never thank you enough for your professional expertise and your compassion.

Bonnie said:

“Wow! We love the way you reorganized our pantry! It all made sense. When I was making supper and had to get something, I found it really easily. And the way you rearranged things from what we had them made it even easier to find what we needed. We find it absolutely worth it to use TimeSquared for the chores we can’t get around to doing.”

Danny Paiement with ProDrain Techs said:

I have hired Janet many times for her gift baskets and concierge services. After we finish a job we hire Janet to build our clients a customized gift basket. She adds items that make it personal to each individual client. Once complete she delivers it personally. I have received great feedback from my clients about the gift baskets which has also turned out to get us many referrals. I highly recommend Janet to anyone as she truly is worth every penny and more!

Stephen Yakimets with Warwood Office Products said:

Wow! I picked up gift baskets today from Janet and she made me into a hero! My clients were awed by the baskets and dug right into them. Janet went out of her way to include items in one basket that were specific to my client's dietary restrictions. If you want to impress, a gift basket from Janet is the way to go!

Danielle Soneff with Arthouse Residential said:

I have known Janet Wilson for a number of years and have had the pleasure of working with her on various staging projects, party planning and decorating, gift baskets, estate moving and downsizing, and charity work. She has a vast network of local talent that she enlists to get every project done right. She is an amazing party planner, host, and gourmet cook, among other things. I would highly recommend her to anyone that feels they do not have enough time to do the things they need to or want to get done! She can take care of either with an amazing attention to detail and flawless implementation.

Joan & Bob said:

Janet has been helping our family for three years now. She has always been available and very flexible to get our son to and from appointments and find, purchase and deliver required items. We are very grateful and know that we can count on her excellent judgement and responsible ethics. It makes us feel good to know she is there.

Roxanne Kipnes with Safeguard Your Ideas said

I felt very understood when I asked about a special gift basket for a client of mine! My order was ready in a very timely manner and was well received by my client. I would recommend Janet Wilson and TimeSquared for any occasion - gift or assistance to best manage your valuable time!

Darryn Semeniuk with MagnetSigns said:

Janet is a great resource for anyone needing a little help with errands or special tasks you may not have the time or knowledge to take care of yourself. I asked Janet to create a wedding gift basket for an associate in Michigan, with a local flavor of Alberta grown/made products. She knocked it out of the park and the recipient was ecstatic with the great selection of tasty treats! She also took care of shipping and knew what types of items to avoid due to potential customs issues. Thanks Janet!

Heather Layton said:

I didn't really understand how a Personal Concierge could be beneficial until I got to know Janet. One of the things she does, is provides the most incredible gift baskets to those who you keep meaning to do something nice for, and never get around to it. Within record time she had the basket done and delivered. Getting the call from the client who the basket was delivered to was the highlight of the day, and it made her day too. The client said the basket was full of things she couldn't wait to have! I don't even know what Janet put in it, or what it looked like, but it didn't matter, the client was thrilled. Janet does a hell of a lot more than gift baskets, if you want things done, or you need something, anything, groceries or dog walking, Janet can help you out and make your life easier and, she is one of the nicest, genuine people I have ever met. Thank you Janet!

Val & Glen said:

Pleasant, efficient and dedicated to providing an excellent service. Thank you!

Scott Dolan with Urban Renovations & Roofing said:

Thanks for the punctual and very last minute efficiency of your pick-up and delivery services. I am always grateful for Janet of TimeSquared. Her services allow me to spend time working while the product comes to me. Thanks again.

Charlene Speers with Re/Max Real Estate said:

Such an amazing and stress-free move for my sellers! Thank you, Janet for helping me complete my goal of “taking the stress out of buying & selling”! If anyone is looking to make the move, Janet Wilson is always at the top of my list when calling for help! Amazing company!

BP said:

Janet’s services are really an Affordable Luxury! I tell all my friends that, if there’s anything they need done, to call TimeSquared.

An anonymous client said:

Wonderful work, caring attention

And another said:

You did an amazing job for us as we prepared to sell out house. Decluttering, selling, donating and packing. Our house sold in 5 days with multiple offers! Thank you, Janet with TimeSquared!

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