Plan the Ultimate Stanley Cup Finals Party with TimeSquared

TimeSquared ensures a spectacular Stanley Cup Finals party for the Oilers with complete services from Oilers-themed decorations to gourmet catering. Enjoy a flawless celebration. Whether planning ahead or making last-minute adjustments, TimeSquared’s team guarantees an unforgettable experience for all guests.

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Celebrating the Oilers in Style

Hosting a Stanley Cup Finals party to cheer on the Oilers requires more than just the usual preparations. This is where TimeSquared steps in, offering comprehensive services to ensure your Stanley Cup celebration is both spectacular and stress-free.


Why TimeSquared is Your Best Choice for a Finals Party

At TimeSquared, we understand the significance of the Stanley Cup Finals, especially when the hometown heroes, the Oilers, are on the ice. Our expert team is equipped to manage every detail of your event, from décor to catering, ensuring that every element resonates with the thrill of the game.


Tailored Event Planning and Coordination

Thematic Decorations: Our event specialists will create themed environments that capture the spirit of the game.. Imagine stepping into a space transformed with Oilers colors, hockey-themed décor, and authentic memorabilia that pays homage to the team’s storied history. From table settings to festive banners, every detail will reflect your Oilers pride.

Catering and Menu Planning: What’s a hockey party without some fantastic food? TimeSquared’s catering services are all about crafting a menu that’s as thrilling as the game itself. We’ll help you select a spread that includes everything from gourmet snacks and traditional game-day foods to more sophisticated options for those looking for something a bit different. Whether it’s classic Canadian fare or dishes that cater to a diverse range of dietary preferences, we ensure high-quality, delicious food that keeps your guests fueled and happy throughout the game.

Beverage and Bar Services: Our team can coordinate beverage services that include setting up a full bar stocked with a selection of beers (including local favorites), wines, and spirits. Special themed cocktails can be created in Oilers colors, offering a unique touch to your beverage lineup.

People having a BBQ Party in Edmonton for the Oilers, prepared by TimeSquared Personal Concierge Services.

Comprehensive Guest Management

Invitations and RSVPs: TimeSquared offers custom invitation design and guest management services. We’ll design and send out invitations that match your party’s theme and handle all RSVPs, so you know exactly how many guests to expect.

Transportation Coordination: For guests coming from out of town or those who prefer not to drive, we can arrange transportation. This includes pickup and drop-off services to ensure everyone arrives safely and on time, allowing them to enjoy the party to the fullest without worrying about logistics.


Hosting a Stanley Cup Finals party for the Edmonton Oilers is about celebrating a passion for hockey and your community. With TimeSquared’s professional planning and execution, you can throw an unforgettable party that honors this occasion in style. From the initial planning stages to the final whistle, we’re here to ensure your event is flawless.

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FAQs about Planning a Stanley Cup Finals Party

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