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Custom Gift Baskets

$ 50

Can include but not limited to:

  • Caramunchies
  • Nougat
  • Castello Brie
  • Truffle Cookies
  • Fruit Slices
  • Dolcetto Wafer Rolls
  • Marich Chocolates
  • Angelina’s Cookies
  • Cove Tea & filters
  • Maple Greenview Honey
  • Going Nuts Snack Mix
  • Zwicksticks
  • Tuscan Crisps
  • Lindt Truffles

Tailored Delights in Edmonton – Starting at $50

Create your own holiday magic with TimeSquared’s Custom Gift Baskets, a favorite in Edmonton, Alberta. These baskets are a canvas for your imagination, allowing you to blend a variety of gourmet treats to suit any taste or occasion. Whether it’s adding a touch of local Alberta flavor with items like Highhorse Coffee and Going Nuts Snack Mix, or indulging in international luxuries like Lindt Truffles and Castello Brie, the choice is yours. Perfect for personalizing corporate gifts or crafting a unique present for someone special in Edmonton, our Custom Gift Baskets are the epitome of thoughtful gifting. Experience the joy of creating a gift that’s as unique as your recipient, right here in the heart of Alberta.

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