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Large Christmas Tower

$ 225

  • Caramunchies
  • Nougat
  • Castello Brie
  • Truffle Cookies
  • Fruit Slices
  • Dolcetto Wafer Rolls
  • Marich Chocolates
  • Angelina’s Cookies
  • Cove Tea & filters
  • Maple Greenview Honey
  • Going Nuts Snack Mix
  • Zwicksticks
  • Tuscan Crisps
  • Lindt Truffles

Edmonton’s Premier Holiday Gift

Reach new heights of holiday cheer with TimeSquared’s Large Christmas Tower, a staple of Edmonton’s festive gifting. This towering assortment is a grand display of luxurious treats like Dolcetto Wafer Rolls, Marich Chocolates, and the much-loved Lindt Truffles. Each layer unveils a new surprise, from the savory Zwicksticks to the sweet delight of Fruit Slices, making it a perfect centerpiece for your Edmonton holiday gatherings.

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